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Update 7.3.20

3rd Jul 2020, 12:46 PM Hey everyone! It's been a few months. It's officially July!

Sidequest #1 is wrapping up, and Toben's last exam is mid-July, which means I can continue on Crown & Anchor pages and occasional digital coloring files, albeit at my slowed pace. So, it'll still be a while before I can get a buffer going weekly with comics and monthly with Patreon rewards. So, at least for a few more months, Patreon and webcomics will still be on pause.

But we've still got
A new Crown & Anchor official banner/image (and it's BIG)
7 more Zodiacs (out of 13)
(a couple) homebrew RPG Classes
A couple mystery fan arts (which I'm excited about!)
and comic pages coming!

Cyrus is almost 9 months old, ya'll. My baby is big fat and fab.
Thanks everyone for being so patient. I love being a parent, I just have to get creative with when I work sometimes and for how long. What takes me a day, now can take up to six days. So one comic issue I used to be able to knock out in one month takes me about four months.

Streaming probably won't pick up either for a while. I'm thinking of maybe doing YouTube time lapses instead. That's something I won't crack into just yet but have been toying with the idea.

I also have no idea how long my break between Sidequest issues will be (there's 5 in total, and so far issue 1 took me about 4 months). So... Crown & Anchor may get a little of a buffer, but I don't know how much of one.
We are planning a Kickstarter for Crown & Anchor Volume 2 next year, assuming it will be done next year (most likely it will)!

It's a weird balance that I'm finally getting a grasp on now. If I work when my family is awake, I don't spend time with them. So baby naps are my essential time to work, which can range anytime between 30 minutes to 2 hours. But I do get a lot more done in that amount of time cause I'm so focused. Evenings I could work... if I didn't wanna spend time with Toben after a long day. Sometimes I do work when he's busy with sometime at the same time, but I typically don't wish to because of that.

So... my work is slow, but it's going. I'm okay with this, I hope you guys are too. I really appreciate everyone's patience and support during this new time for us. I just appreciate ya'll being here. Thank you so much. I hope everyone is doing alright during this crazy pandemic. Love you guys.

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