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Comic 167 - 7.3 & Announcement

7.3 & Announcement
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in Issue 7

11th Mar 2020, 11:09 AM
I have an important announcement!

Since having a newborn child, work has significantly slowed down to where I will not be able to finish or upload comic pages at my current rate. The last few months of pregnancy, plus recovery and new parenthood, as well as a few paying jobs, has run my entire buffer dry.

So what does this mean for Crown & Anchor?
It certainly doesn't mean goodbye - we've written so much and love this story too much to quit. However it does mean I need to take a few months to prepare pages again. What used to take me a day or two takes a week if not more to complete, and I like to be at least a half issue ahead.

Toben is done with PhD classes in July. So, at the LATEST, you should be seeing more C&A pages by then. My son is my priority. I'd rather have a son who knows he can come to me about anything with no comic, than a withdrawn son and a finished comic.

It's been difficult coming to terms with this decision and realization, as I've been a comics workhorse for so long, but it's only temporary!

Just as well, my birthday is tomorrow! I only want one thing - for folks to discover and read my comic. If you have a moment to spare to share Crown & Anchor with your friends who you think would enjoy it, it would mean the world to me!

I want to thank you all for following this comic, for your comments and support. You mean so much to us.

I will keep everyone updated on any changes. After page 7.5 the hiatus will begin.